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Entries by C.C. Ekstrom

No-Name Joint, Loebau, TX

Loebau StoreStevie Ray had mentioned something about setting me up with a jar of moonshine the next time I came by. At 2 pm on a Wednesday afternoon with the joint already occupied by four reclined and reticent bikers and two local, louder, guys looking for oil, I rethunk my expectations.

This 125 year old, now dilapidated, building has hosted everything from the town post office and general store to the local meat market. The town is now all gone and I doubt there will ever be a post office in Loebau again.

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I Had to Get Drunk Last Night

Bullet Hole at the Railway Saloon, Kingsbury, TXRed eyed and dry mouthed, I grope my way between the front seats towards the stereo. Fingers fumbling through the black digital front, and last night’s last played song magically starts. To the sound of Howard Crockett’s Last Will and Testimony (of a Drinkin’ Man), I push the driver side door open to let some fresh air in. It doesn’t take long before the urge to move on brings temptation to my temporary home, but first a little clean up of the worst remains from last night.

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Taylor Cafe, Taylor, TX

Taylor CafeThe red corner building offered a quiet setting on this Saturday morning. The lone bartender was filling the coolers with beer so they could get cold enough before the regulars come craving and it all rocked me into a familiar rhythm. I found my place on a rusty old tractor saddle so rickety that I almost fell off, and in a movement of coordinated embarrassment and balancing act, I simultaneously looked for something more stable only to realize that the entire row of chairs looked like they needed a new set of bolts and screws. Whatever, rickety barstools would soon be of secondary importance.

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Double Ringer, Zuehl, TX

Bar DogSaint Hedwig Club at 14297 FM 1346 in Bexar County was my destination for the weekend and I didn’t care to call ahead. 80 miles later I found it to be closed down for good. Another loss. What to do now?

Last night, listening to coyotes howling outside my moonlit silvery RV and with a raccoon finding it’s way over my roof, I decided this is the weekend to get back on the road to explore more of the magic that lies behind swinging doors and a jukebox.

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Happy New Year and Safe Travels

westFirst time I heard the whistle from a diesel locomotive was a warm spring night in Austin, Texas. Still, after many a miles of steel against steel rolling through my dreams and ears, every time I see or hear one of those thundering engines pulling their tons of cars, I reminiscence that first chilling sound of that lonesome horn. Read more…

Days of a Dreamer

Dust Dirt Road Leading to the Devil's River State Park, TX500 miles through a dehydrated landscape, that’s where they find me. My hands, firm around the wheel. My flesh still warm. My soul intact with memories, the vultures find me savory, confirming my days as a dreamer has finally come to its end. Read more…

An Invitation to More

Cele Store Sink Shortly after the heat has given room for a breeze, we leave Austin and accompanied by a wind coming in from the south, we set aim for a lesser known adventure about half an hour drive east of town. All we know about the place is that it was the location for a few scenes in the 2003 remake of Tobe Hoopers 1974 classic horror movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Read more…

The Long Walk toward Selflessness

The long walkThere’s been hard times since I got here. More trouble, more heartaches and more confusion than I could ever wish for. But there has also been more loving, caring and understanding than I have ever received in my entire life, all together. I knew, before I moved here, that Texans had big hearts. I had also been told that Americans in general was very superfisious and that their friendships isn’t true and only a surface thing and that it never runs skin deep. I have now learned that the latter ain’t true. Read more…

The Future of the Honky-Tonks

13Earlier this year I took a Swedish friend to this great little honky-tonk on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. As we drove north on Burnet Road, passing “Billy’s on Burnet” and “Ginny’s Little Longhorn” we finally arrived to number 19 on the 86th block and Buddy’s Place. Read more…


Store Sign, Devilla, TexasYes it is high time to get this site rolling again. Under this category (A Texas Journal) you’ll find posts about honky-tonk and Texas related subjects. I’ve found that writing the true stories about honky-tonks, their owners and patrons is a much harder task then I expected. It takes many visits and a whole lot of trust to get to the story luring behind the surface of first impressions. After all, isn’t that what we all look for in a good article?

There’s so much I want to tell y’all about this lifestyle of rural off of downtown Texas. Like the Davilla incident, a small community in central Texas at the crossrads of FM 487 and FM 2268.

Here will be the place to do so and I sincerely hope you will enjoy.

/C.C Ekstrom