David's Horse Tattoo Ventilation Hatch with Budweiser Sign, Freheit Country Store, New Braunfels, Texas Rooster, Dean's Store, Weinert, Texas

Almost Out of Gas is an ongoing project to capture and share with you perfectly unpolished fragments of Texas culture. Music, jug wine, bourbon, beer and great food bring people in communities together, and we are compelled to seek out and document the social and cultural impact of the common man – that is the lifestyle we feature.

Talking to beer drinkers, bartenders, old-timers and newcomers has given us a small but valuable insight into, and understanding of, this vibrant culture. Still, after thousands of miles of dusty Texas roads in the company of circling vultures, howling coyotes and rattling diamondbacks, we’re intent on bringing you the same beauty we see in the rickety, creaky and sometimes forgotten gathering spots – the Texas Honky-Tonks.

Welcome to Almost Out of Gas!