Entries by C.C. Ekstrom

The Broken Spoke, Austin, TX

broken-spoke-stampI look out the car window into the emblazoned world that the neon along South Lamar Boulevard paints up. Many treasures are hidden in the shadows of the alleys and while some of them are hard to find if you don’t know where to look, some are more well known–and for good reasons too. Read more…

Steve’s Place, Thorndale, Texas

cast-iron-wood-stoveWe gassed, braked and steered our way through the backroads of Milam County. With Olle reading the map and Chris keeping the pick-up steady 65 at the wheel, we soon found ourselves in Downtown Texas, Texas. We’re on the hunt for a little-known honky-tonk that we’ve heard tell of for a long time. Read more…

Leon’s Store, Rockne, TX

Out with the TruckersMost every time I put my foot here there’s something going on, but today we’re just rolling dice. I’m not much of a dice player so Gary slips me a couple bucks under the table to throw in when I’ve lost my last pot, just to keep the game going. No matter how much he spends, it still ends with me losing. Simple fun for an afternoon. This is how you do things in Rockne, Texas. Read more…

Matt Hillyer of Eleven Hundred Springs Talks about Honky-Tonks

matt-hillyer“When we got started, we played at this place called Naomis and it was just this tiny, tiny little beer joint, a honky-tonk if there ever was one. The kind of place you can by a six pack to go from, the walls are falling apart, the dirt is probably one of the only things that’s holding the place up. Read more…

Red Steagall Talks about Texas Culture

red_steagall“I’ve been in country music and western music for over 40 years. And I’ve written a lot of country songs. They are primarily talking about the working man and the society of the working man. And we call them honky-tonk songs and western swing. Read more…

James Hand Talks about Honky-Tonks

James Hand“I started in this business when I was 12 years old and I’m 56 now. A honky-tonk to me is where people go that don’t have the money or even the want too, to go somewhere where people look down on them. Think about a honky-tonk. Everybody is at the same level. Read more…

The Rusty ol’ Sound Archive

18 Wheeler at Loma Alta Filling Station

Neon Buzz and Jukebox at the Broken Spoke While Waiting for Steaks to Arrive

Good Times at the Barbarossa Nine Pin Bowling Alley, Barbarossa, Texas

Warm Midnight Rain at Charlie’s Back Porch

A Texas Mosquito in Search of Black Gold, Highway 72

A South Bound Freight Train Rumbling through Hunter, Texas

The Dusty ol’ Photo Archive

Old Stove Shine a Light Back Door

Bar Dog Dish Wash Pool table

Price List, Dean's Store, Weinert, Texas 7-up Cooler Circleville Store Circleville, TX Bullet Hole at the Railway Saloon, Kingsbury, TX

Car Wreck at Club-21, Uhland, TX Cash Register at Dean's Store, Weinert, TX Couple Dancing at the Broken Spoke, Austin, TX

Darlene at the Devil's Backbone Tavern, Fischer, TX David's Horse Tattoo Deadly Curve in the Texas Hill Vountry

Deer Painting at Freiheit Country Store, New Braunfels, TX A Worn Don't Mess with Texas Sticker, Circleville Store, Circleville, TX Dust Dirt Road Leading to the Devil's River State Park, TX

Empty Table at Poncho and Leftys, Texas Fan And Silver Bullet Neon Sign, Sam's Town Point, Austin, TX Fan-in-Door-way-Steves-Place-Thorndale-TX

Full Moon through Pecan Trees, Texas Griddle-with-Burgers-Steves-Place-Thorndale-Texas1 Harry's on the Loop, Willow City, TX

Herman, Owner, Leon's Store, Rockne, Texas James Hand, Musician, Austin, Texas Lone Star Beer Cap, Harry's Parking Lot, Willow City, Texas

Lone Star Beer Sign, Circleville Store, Circleville, Texas Lone Star Brick, San Antonio, Texas Lone-Star-Light-Beer-Sign-Steves-Place-Thorndale-Texas1

Lone Star Windmill, Bandera, Texas Man Having a Shiner, Moravia Store, Moravia, Texas Man in Doorway, Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon, Austin, Texas

Man with Can of Beer, Swiss Alp Dance Hall, Swiss Alp, Texas Man with Cigarette and a Beer, Devil's Backbone Tavern, Fischer, Texas Men Playing Cards, Freiheit Country Store, New Braunfels, Texas

Mrs. Ruth, Dean's Store, Weinert, TX Neon Sign, Swiss Alp Dance Hall, Swiss Alp, Texas Parking Lot, Del Rio, Texas

man-at-the-counter Pool Table And Back Door, Moravia Store, Moravia, Texas Yes We're Open, Circleville Store, Circleville, Texas

A fan in the window at the Devilsbackbone Tavern, Comal County, Texas, USA. Wayne Hancock, Musician Wall Fan, Hayek's Store, Highway 77, Texas

Vultures in a Dead Tree View over Texas Hill Country

Ventilation Hatch with Budweiser Sign, Freheit Country Store, New Braunfels, Texas Venetian-Blinds-with-Lights-Steves-Place-Thorndale-Texas1 Two Flags, Riley's Tavern, Hunter, Texas

Tom, Devil's Backbone Tavern, Fisher, Texas Tin House, Bandera, TX Table Boot, Freiheit Country Store, New Braunfels, TX

Store Sign, Devilla, Texas Steve's Place, Thorndale, Texas Siluette of Man, Sam's Town Point, Austin, TX

A sofa in the back yard of Freiheit Country Store, New Braunfels, Texas, USA. Rooster, Dean's Store, Weinert, Texas Road Sign at Schroeders Place, Thorndale, Texas

Refrigerator, Budweiser Sign And Pool Cue Stand, Schroeder's Place, Thorndale, Texas