I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful web site. You are doing a great service to the whole world. The small town honky-tonk is almost unknown in the great scope and depth of 3D-TV and whizz bang technology that is America today. The photos and stories are telling a first person history that deserves to be told. Also thanks to Nancy Morgan for writing down a part of her personal story, and then sending me a link to your site.

– Ernie Earnest

This is an absolutely gorgeous impression of honky-tonk history quickly fading throughout the US. From the writings to the photos, I am just in awe and very inspired. You’ve captured the gorgeous decrepitude so perfectly. I would love to see more…

– Aly Star

Wow aont real sure how I found this place, but I finally found my home…luv your work and gonna take a while to absorb it all but its just fantastic to read and I’m very jealous of your travels… pleaseeeeeee keep up the great work.

– Jerry Guest

Thanks for taking me back to my central Texas days again. When I was hanging around Uhland, TX. back in the late 70’s, we lived the life you describe here and in some of your other posts. One of the things I love about Texas is that there are countless “Leon’s Store’s” scattered across the landscape. Each with it’s own but similar story. Always look forward to your posts….

– Chris Sweeney